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Journal Entry: Tue Nov 6, 2012, 8:59 PM
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Okay guys, commissions are open for the holidays. I like to start in November because I want to get them done in time XD So, if you want one for a gift for a special person, then now would be the time to start putting in for one :3  Also, for the holidays, I am offering commission vouchers. Which means that you can order and pay for a commission then give it to someone to then send me the details.

I am so FUCKING glad the election is over DX STAHP CALLING ME!!!! Now I can just concentrate and forget about it. XD Peace and love to you all! Remember, you are the power.

ART BY :iconcalisto-lynn:

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Vampire King 2 (Chapter one-part one)Prologue
(Cassy's Diary)
Dear  Diary, It's been exactly two months since I found out I was pregnant, well, two months and seven days. Mael neglected to tell me for a week that I was pregnant. I know that sounds strange, that my (almost husband) would be the one to know before me but obviously my life is not normal anymore. I did finally call my mother and tell her about Mael, she really wants to meet him. I did not tell her about the twins however or that fact he is a vampire, obviously.
It's not that I am ashamed that I got pregnant before getting married it's just that my mother will be... weird about it. I have learned a lot of things about being 'divine' and I have even gotten okay at hunting my own food, though Mael doesn't like that. He is such a worry wart and so darn jealous. Oh well, I guess I can't say I hate him being so jealous, it is kind of endearing. From all the romance novels I have read about this sort of thing, I suppose I thought life would be
Vampire King 2 (Chapter one-part two)"I got sick of waiting for you to invite me over so I went and found your boyfriend, he actually invited me over!" Her mother snapped, reaching up with a ring and bracelet laden hand to remove her sunglasses. Her eyes were as green as Cassy's but there was a lot more fire in them. "Mom, I was going to invite you over, it's just..." Cassy started but was cut off by the loud clicking of her mother's high heels on the tile floor. "Give me a hug baby and all will be forgiven!" Her mother said. Cassy obliged.
"Mael... this is my mother Jackie, though I am sure she has thoroughly acquainted herself already." Cassy said when finally released. Jackie whacked her lightly on the shoulder for the remark. "Not as thoroughly as needed, miss Peterson, it is again, my pleasure to make your acquaintance." Mael said, taking her Jackie's hand and kissing it. If he kept that up it was going to be glaringly obvious that she was really living in a lot of sin with him. Cassy just grinned like an idiot. Her
Vampire king two-Chapter two-part oneChapter 2
Adrian slid his thumb over the slick casing of his cell phone for a long moment before finally returning it to his pocket. Cassy had insisted he get this one, forced him into the damn store to buy it. Practically dragged him there. She was a bad influence. Bad influence or not she always managed to make him smile and he supposed that was a good enough reason to continue seeing her. The auditorium was filled with the sounds of instruments being tuned up behind him and the random notes left him with an odd sense of peace. Life, he had forgotten how to enjoy it until a few weeks ago.
He swore that he would never see her again, swore it, yet here he had been waiting on her call. He told himself over and over again that this was stupid and he should walk away from this but she had become his lifeline. A few months ago he could hardly stand the idea of living another day, now he wanted to live, just to reap a little more of her good humor and happiness. If someone asked him if he t
Vampire King 2 Chapter two-part twoA car slowed down on its way by, a man stuck his head out the passenger window to see what had transpired. Adrian stood perfectly still, eyes darting to every alley and cross street. "Hey, you two alright?" The man asked. Adrian was wondering what the hell was taking Abby so long getting his sword, the Volven was close, really close. "We're fine, thank you." He said dismissively. He began to walk away when a large thud drew his attention back to the concern pedestrian.
The entire roof of the car was now crushed beneath the massive hulking frame of the beast, the two people inside, obviously dead as blood  and a nearly severed arm dropped from the passenger side window. "Abby, my sword... your speed is less than acceptable." Adrian said with a slight hint of stress to his voice. The Volven snarled and drooled at the mouth as it loomed over the car, its claws gripping deep into the metal. Adrian shifted his eyes toward his car and saw what was taking so long, the sword was stuc
Vampire King 2 Chapter 3 part 1Chapter Three
Despite this day being one of the worst ever, Cassy felt it went as good as it could possibly go. Mael was being an asshole but it was pleasing her mother so she guessed that was okay for now. He WOULD pay later, though. "And finally, Jackie, the guest rooms. Please, pick whichever you would like. They all have their own bathroom and closet and there is no one staying here at the moment so you will have nothing but privacy during your stay." Mael said as they stopped at the guest level hallway. "Well, you are so kind Mael but I assumed I'd be staying with my daughter." Jackie said. Cassy inwardly smirked and died at the same time. Let's see him get out of this, she thought.
Mael was caught, just like how Cassy was caught all those times as a teenager. There was a sick pleasure about it, that even the mighty Vampire King could not defeat her mother. "Well, Cassy and I decided it would be best that she just stay here so we could better correlate over the wedding and because
Vampire 2 chapter 3 part 2God, he was so fast, she didn't even notice him unzipping them.  Even though what his hands could do was pure magic, his kisses were what really made her heart pound. They were so intense and passionate, so all consuming that he lured her out of reality with them. Her arms circled his neck and pulled him down so she could get to his lips and when she did it was as powerful as it was the first time they kissed. She was already close, it had hardly been a full minute. Just a little more.
Cassy pulled away from the kiss and pressed her fist to her mouth to keep from making noises but it wasn't working very well.  Mael was smirking like the devil he was, finding it incredibly amusing. The only thing that she could take pride in was that his hair was longer now and that only happened when he lost focus or control.  She took handfuls of it and pulled him back down to her lips, nipping at his jaw and mouth. "Cassandra..." He rasped out, suddenly ripping open his
Vampire King 2 Chapter 4 part 1Chapter Four
This was the last person Adrian wanted to see as he walked through his apartment door but Abby ran over and hugged him as he teetered a cake with candles in his hand. "Hey, Squirt!" He said, hugging her with his free hand. "I knew you hadn't forgotten!" Abby said, smiling. Adrian HAD forgotten Haedren was going to surprise her with the cake though. What he wouldn't give for some peace and quiet but he did enjoy the smile on Abby's face so...
"Well, did you wish for something?" Haedren asked as he set the cake on the table. Abby nodded. "Get to blow'n then!" Haedren said, settling her in front of it. Adrian crossed his arms and leaned against the wall while watching. Always at a distance but also always there. "Happy Birthday." He said quietly as Abby puffed each candle out. When she had finished, Haedren hooted, whistled and clapped his hands. "Wow, seventeen. Bout time you get kicked out!" He said and grabbed her in a headlock, rubbing his knuckles on her head.
Vampire king 2 Chapter 4-part 2Adrian grabbed their two practice swords on the way out and followed her up the stairwell to the roof. There was no one else living in the building, aside from some homeless men in the lobby so there was no need to lock the door. Not that anyone would want anything in the apartment anyway. The building was, for all purposes, abandoned. Now that he was making more money, he could afford to upgrade but he didn't really care. Abby, however, deserved better and he was now responsible for her.
Once they reached the roof Adrian sat the two practice swords on a crate he had hauled up there years ago and stretched. The area was set up as a training ground for himself but now he used it for Abby. She had only been living with him for eight months but in that time period they had both gone through many changes. Her changes were more severe, however. Eight months ago her brother, her only living relative, her only family, died. She found out her brother's friend and her guardian was an immortal a

Mature Content

Mature Content

Vampie King 2 Chapter five part 1Chapter Five
The night was finally starting to wind down and Cassy was about to talk with Mael and see if he was still mad when she heard Ailo answer the door. She heard Adrian's voice and ran to the foyer. Abby was pleading with him not to leave her but he did anyway. Cassy promised to keep Abby safe though she wasn't sure why or what was going on. It was after Adrian left that the girl broke down completely into tears. Abby was too upset at first to talk. Cassy wasn't sure what else to do so she took her to the drawing room and held her, asking Ailo to get her some tea.
It was about ten minutes before she settled enough to drink the tea. Cassy was just glad her mother had turned in for the night. "Abby, honey, you want to tell me what's going on?" She finally asked, wiping some tears from the her face. "Master... I'm scared he..."She started then turned back into Cassy again sobbing. The uncontrolled sobbing had Cassy worried. This was Abby, this wasn't how she normally acted at all.
Vampire King 2 Chapter six-part oneChapter Six
Click, click, click. The repetitious sound of a clock refused to stop. Blackness, suffocating, hot, painful blackness. Adrian struggled to get out. He felt like he was in a dream, maybe he was. Now wasn't the time to sleep, though. He had to wake up, protect Abby.  Abby... why couldn't he get her image out of his mind? He wanted to hold her, it was all he could think about. Everything would be fine if he could touch her. This terrible pain in his chest would go away if he could just see her. He could hear something; talking and he felt something touching him but he couldn't open his eyes. It was like his eyelids weighed a ton. He fought, tried to yell and move but he wasn't sure if they could hear or see him.
Was it the police? How was he going to explain living through this chest wound? Maybe they thought he was dead and they would bury him. "Master..?"  He heard that very clearly, Abby?! "Abby? Can you hear me?" He asked though he was sure his lips had

Mature Content

Mature Content

Vampire King 2 chapter seven part 2The next morning Cassy woke slowly, laying around, glancing at the clock, dreading what would come in the next few hours. Mael was already up, he had gotten up a while ago and had insisted she stay in bed for a bit longer. He was such a sweetie for a guy that tried to destroy the world a couple of months ago. She decided to lazily dream about what she and her soon-to-be husband did the night before instead of get up, yeah that was better than dwelling on her sister coming and explaining why Adrian and Abby were at the house now.
It was about ten minutes before she realized she was in Mael's room and her mother thought she had her own room. Cassy was completely sure that her mother had been awake since sunrise, that was just how she rolled. Probably jogging. Cassy groaned deeply and smashed her face into the pillows. They smelled like Mael and she hugged them slightly because of that. "You could hug me instead, you know..." Cassy started and rolled over to see Mael hovering right behind
Vampire King 2 Chapter 7 part 3Cassy stared for a long moment in disbelief at the question. Certainly it was a logical question, even more so because Abby was a virgin but that didn't make it any less embarrassing or awkward. "Well..." Cassy began slowly, very slowly. Abby looked on, ready to learn, ready to be, well, ready for anything that might or could happen. "Uh... w-well how big are we talking...?" Cassy stammered, pretending to fix her hair behind her ear but really she just needed to do something with her hand to satisfy her nerves.
"Pretty big... logically speaking I know a baby can come out of there," and she pointed down. "So I know it will fit. I just want to know how hard it's going to be. Master is... not experienced, you know. I have to protect myself from the possibility of harm." Abby said calmly. Cassy had no idea how she kept a straight face but was Abby ever the girl for Adrian. "Well... um... t-there is a few things you can do to... uh... prepare yourself..." Cassy stuttered and stammered.
Vampire King 2 Chapter 8 part 1Chapter Eight
Adrian wasn't sure what was worse, Cassy's mother questioning him or how Abby reacted to her offering up Cassy's sister like a slab of beef for sale. He smiled awkwardly, he knew it was awkward because it felt like it. He'd rather be with that demon right now. "Oh?" Jackie said and smiled. Adrian could have killed Abby and yet there was something about the statement that had him a little touched. "Well... we have a special bond between us." He said and glanced over to Abby threateningly.
"I look forward to meeting her!" Jackie said and smiled but Adrian could read the unguarded thoughts in her mind, she was only interested on the surface, she still fully intended to try and throw her other daughter at him. "She is really busy, being a supermodel takes her all over the world so you probably won't see her while you are here." Abby said and smiled. Abby seemed so innocent and yet Adrian was sure she was trying to torture him somehow.
"A supermodel? Oh, what is her name? Mayb

Mature Content

Vampire king 2 Chapter 8 Part 3"Raya, move on, this world is over for you." Adrian said, preparing himself. One of the last encounters they had was her stabbing him in the back with a silver dagger, he didn't exactly trust her. "I don't think so, Cassandra's mind is weak and I am sick of her accepting this fate for us. No, I don't think she will be coming back, Adrian. There is no way I will allow her to marry that creature downstairs." Raya said, her eyes flashing, her lip curling into a smile. "You know that the reason you deny that little girl is me, you still want me. I can take care of her for you, end her suffering, end your suffering."
Adrian could hear footsteps coming up the hallway, it was Mael. Cassy didn't have the ability yet to sense things that far away nor were any of her other senses that well refined. Thank god she was lazy about it. Adrian shot a thought to his brother, in hopes he would understand and not try to kill him. "I care for that girl, the reasons behind me being slow with her has nothin
Vampire King 2 chapter 9Chapter Nine
So, this was the city, the modern metropolis through her own eyes, Raya thought as she took in the sights from one of the taller buildings in the city. She had to admit, the vampiric skills that were bled into her did come in handy, such as being able to scale buildings with little more than a thought and tear metal apart with her bare hands if she so wished. Yes, this power was something she wasn't able to even come close to mastering before but now, now she had all the time in the world to do so. However, it was obvious and evident that her body was weakening.
She was either hungry or the vile parasites within her were sucking her life faster than it naturally drained away. Vampires were always on borrowed time, if they didn't feed on the blood of the pure then they died. Now she was one of them. Vampires, unlike her kind or humans, had to feed everyday to live where as a human or a Ljusalf could go for days without food or water. The creatures growing within her took wh
Vampire King 2 chapter 10Chapter Ten
After Mael had gotten Cassy's sister and mother settled, he retreated to his office where he made arrangements for his sentinels to gather at the house to discuss what was to be done about Cassy and Raya making off with her body and their unborn children. Adrian watched his brother closely, it was an incident such as this which caused him to lose control before, however, Adrian was to blame the first time around, having kidnapped Cassy himself to get to his brother. She was starting to remind him of the Princess Toadstool on that Mario game Abby liked.
He was surprised that his mind wandered to levity at a time like this, he was actually quite concerned. He found the fact his mind was trying to distract him rather interesting. Mael settled into his office chair, making the thick leather squeak as he did so and called the family cat to his lap. Oh yes, Gregory, Cassy's former roommate. "Christian and the others will be here soon, why don't you go check on Abby until then." H
Vampire King 2 Chapter 10-part 2Perhaps it was desire, perhaps desperation but Adrian didn't hold back when he kissed her. He could call the feeling whatever he wanted but he knew that sitting there, talking to her, seeing her prepared for the best and the worst situation, he loved her. He knew he could never go back to how it was without her and frankly, he didn't want to. Guilt kept him from admitting it but he was glad no one else could ever have her. He was happy she wanted him and he was happy she blatantly disregarded his orders most of the time.
He always pretended not to notice her crush, the way she shivered in his arms when they would get too close but now he couldn't hide how his body trembled in sync  with hers. She was so light in his hands, so fragile yet strong. He easily lifted her and set her on her back, her body limp and warm, ready. Her arms circled his neck and held him close, gripping his hair so he couldn't slip away. It was the most wanted he had ever felt, it was the most connected
The Vampire King 2 Chapter 11Chapter Eleven
Raya had followed the Princi down what seemed like an endless stairway of darkness. It stunk of magic, foul magic but she had no choice. This would get her exactly what she wanted and she felt that in some degree, siding with a devil was siding with a lesser of two evils. Mael, the prince of blood, the Lord of shadows was a vile dog, a spawn of Princi... and now she sided with one to take revenge. No matter, once she used this creature to gain a stronger body, she would do away with him as well. If she could.
The Princi seemed only partially formed, it was safe to say that he was actually more a spirit than a physical monster. The darkness beyond a certain point was so deep that even her nocturnal eyes could not see through it and for the first time since realizing her new existence, she felt... unnerved. She had gone head to head with the vampire king once long ago and lived, even marred his perfect face. The thought made her smile with delight. He had been so full of h
Vampire King 2 Chapter 12Chapter Twelve
Adrian could hear the murmur of new voices as he hurried downstairs, his hair still damn from the shower. He cleared and locked his mind, putting on the stoic-est expression he could muster and entered the office. Mael was still sitting in his chair stroking Gregory, Christian, Giovanni and Ghost where there now as well. Adrian had come to know them by name but he had yet to be formally introduced. He was to be joining their ranks as one of his brother's Sentinels. The thought of it was strange having spent most of his life trying to kill people like them.
He also noticed, standing on either side of the door way, were the two Step he had seen the day of the Volven attack. He suspected they would show up eventually since he had had direct contact with the Princi. "I trust your mind is clearer now?" Mael asked. Adrian nodded, keeping his demeanor as neutral as possible. "Then please enlighten us about your encounter. We have two guests here that are rather interested in it
Vampire King 2 chapter 13Chapter Thirteen
Raya sat and waited patiently outside the sprawling estate grounds. Just as Hanz had said, Mael had called his finest to him in his hour of need but they had also taken a considerable amount of time leaving. Raya was becoming annoyed and worried about the sustaining power of her amulet. She gathered from Cassandra's fragmented thoughts that the amulet lasted twelve hours, so there was really no reason to worry. The misgivings and foreboding were likely remnant of the weaker soul struggling to get free.
It was nearing night fall when she saw the cars that had arrived earlier, leaving, and when she felt the vampire king's energy waning. This would be perfect if he also left. He must have gone in one of the cars because it felt like his signature was getting farther away. Damn Cassandra's unschooled senses! Raya thought angrily as she easily leaped the tall iron gate that separated the street from the estate. The driveway was long and the surrounding grounds were thick wi
Vampire King 2 chapter 14Chapter Fourteen
Cassy woke to the most horrible smell. Her eyes were heavy and she couldn't open them at first. The terrible smell that hung reminded her of weekends at grandmother's house, and for a moment, she actually thought she was there. Grandma had always had something dead under her porch, one year it was a raccoon and it ruined the whole summer.  The mattress beneath her certainly wasn't her mattress from home, either. it was hard, almost like a table. In fact, feeling it now, she was almost sure it was a table.
There were low murmurs of people talking, screaming too. Was she in a hospital? She couldn't tell but a hospital shouldn't smell like this nor should she be in one! She reminded herself. The last thing she could recall was talking to Adrian. Anything beyond that point was a blur.  She tried opening her eyes again, this time achieving her goal but the room she was in was so dark it was almost impossible to see even with her night eyes. "Oh, she is a
Vampire king 2 chapter 15Chapter  Fifteen
"Mael, we have been here for hours! It's a normal building." Adrian snapped after he returned from the twentieth round of searching.  The night was dark, no moon, but the building was brightly lit from the numerous fluorescent lights on each floor shining from the windows. The wind was calm, it would have been a lovely night to watch the stars but the task at hand sullied the evening, not to mention there was a foreboding that Adrian could not shake off. The more they searched the more antsy he became and now he felt near panicked.
He first thought it was the bond with Abby, that being away was making him insane but that couldn't be now, he had fully marked her and completed what he needed to do so he could remain cleared headed. Something ate at him though, a bone-deep dread that he couldn't place. Each moment that passed was like a slow, trickling, torture. Just when He was about to kill his brother, however, Camael and Apolon appeared next to the
Vampire King 2 Chapter 17
Chapter Seventeen
How long had he sat there? Minutes, hours, days? Sat there holding a hand that would never hold his back, never move, never touch him again. Denial, a common reaction to grief but was it always so intense? Did everyone feel it as intensely as he did? He had convinced himself that if he did not believe she was gone, she wouldn't be. How long had he sat there waiting for the blood he forced into her mouth to start working? When would he accept that it had dribble out of her mouth onto the pillow?
Her neck was bruised where it had been broken but that was alright because... it would heal. It would go away. He was sure it would go away. She would be ready for training again and their life together would be normal in no time. He was sure of it. The room seemed strangely quiet but it wasn't because there was only one heartbeat, it wasn't because he was the only one taking in unsteady breaths. It wasn't that.  He started slightly when a gentle knock rattled the doo
Vampire King 2 Chapter 18Chapter Eighteen
The sun had set and already it had begun to rise again. What seemed like the longest and most horrible day of Cassy's life, was now officially over. Two days ago all she had to worry about was a wedding and keeping her husband's family away from her family, now she couldn't even think about it. Mael had gotten her to feed and she had slept, thanks to his forcing it, but she felt no less tired. More than anything, she was worried about Adrian and how he was taking this. He was so quiet and cold yet deep down he was like glass. She could only imagine he was shattered over this.
Worse, it had been her fault. She had let him and Abby down. Mael told her over and over again it wasn't her fault but she still felt she should have tried harder, worked faster, crawled quicker. Anything that would have saved Abby's life. The two men that had come with Mael where still at the house, the red headed one, Apolon, was very nice and had made everyone tea. He was rather strange looking
Vampire King 2 Chapter 19Chapter Nineteen
He knew it! He knew that there would be a way to get her back! How he kept from crumbling to the ground crying from joy was beyond him but he was glad he managed it. He didn't care what they wanted in return, he would go through hell to have her back, to see her one more time. He had lost everything special in his life; his family, Raya and now Abby. He wasn't going to lose them again. There was no more time to be cold and indifferent, to be afraid of pain.
His life had always been about pain, always so dark until she came. He said he wouldn't go back and he wasn't. "Abby was... the most amazing person I had ever met. She had a way of making you smile and just forcing out depression and bad moods..." He murmured. He wasn't surprised she made an impression on the other side, she had stolen his heart the moment they had met. So full of life and eager to live it. She made him want to live even though he had been alive for millions of years, hating every minute of it. She
Vampire King 2 Chapter 20Chapter Twenty
(Cassy's Diary)
I knows it's been a while since I last wrote in you but things have gotten crazy here lately. I'll nut shell it since it's not like I can ever forget what's transpired so far. All that stuff I was complaining about before seems really miniscule now, I might even tear that page out. Since then, Raya, the one that was poking her head out and making me feel weird, has been removed from my mind. Yeah, I know it sounds weird. Abby, passed away. I can't believe it. I still feel bad about it as she died saving me... I guess it's something I just need to learn to deal with.
I had a long talk with Adrian, when I asked him to forgive me he said there was nothing to forgive and he was proud that Abby died saving a life. He seems to be taking it better than most of us. Haedren looks terrible but then he lost a dear friend and now he is losing another dear friend. What I mean by that is Adrian will be leaving us for awhile. Well, not really but kinda, it's hard to exp
Vampire King 2 Chapter 22 (A new beginning)
Chapter Twenty two
(A new beginning-Twenty-two years later)
It was a routine call for Abby Knight; suspicious behavior near some apartment buildings. Likely a drunk wandering down the wrong street from one of the many bars that lined the fifth street district. She had about ten minutes before she was off but something made her take that call. All she wanted to do was take off her shoes and sink into her soft bed and sleep but something seemed to force her to pick up the radio and answer that call. This area of town was between some upper scale apartments and bars so it wasn't odd to have people call in strange behavior.
Abby cruised through slow, training a light on the darkened alley ways. It seemed quiet. The perpetrator likely gone by now. Movement down one narrow alleyway caught her eye, though, and she brought the car to a stop. Even with the high powered flashlight she couldn't see well enough to make out anyone so she decided she'd better have a look. Abby was top in her marksma
Vampire King 2 Chapter 22 Part 2How long had she stood there and stared at that stack of mail? Five minutes maybe? She felt stupid but the idea of moving it or touching it sent chills down her spine. "Is anyone here?" She asked, leaning forward a bit to peer around the wall that separated the living room from the kitchen. "Hey, I picked up your-Whoa!" A girl cried as Abby drew her gun and pressed it to the face that suddenly  appeared. "Jesus Christ, Sarah! I could have killed you!" Abby cried and lowered her weapon.
"Holy shit, what's wrong with you?!" Sarah said, grabbing her chest with one hand and shoving chips into her mouth with the other. Sarah was an exotic looking girl, half African American and half Dutch. She had dark skin and features but light blondish hair and blue eyes. She also happened to dress like a back up dancer for MC hammer. "I... had a weird night, that's all... thanks for getting the mail for me." Abby said, placing the gun and belt on her couch then grabbing the stack of mail and s
Vampire King 2 Chapter 23Chapter twenty-three
Twenty one years, though it seemed like an eternity. The pain of awakening was something that Mai-Kael had neglected to mention. Likely because they both knew now that Adrian could beat Mai-kael from one end of the heaven plain to the other with one hand tied behind his back. Yes, he was the Arch General's finest creation to date. Unstoppable, able to battle both in the physical plain and the spiritual plain. Adrian had been promised ten years but because of unexpected emotional outbursts, he was kept locked away. He endured nonstop mental training to make sure he would not become what his brother once was and it had taken its toll on him, he was tired, both mentally and spiritually.
Returning to his body was a shock, having not felt anything for twenty-one years, the sudden impact of thousands of sensation had him screaming. Camael had instructed his Brother to 'thaw' him early and make sure that he was warmed and fed, but the slight damage done by the cold still
Vampire King 2 Chapter 26Chapter Twenty-Six
It was about a full thirty seconds before Abby perceived that he was leaving after what he said. "I missed you." It wasn't really what he said, it was how he said it. Even after the vampires, monsters, previous life nonsense, that's what she was mind blown by? Abby realized she had a really bad idea of priorities. She followed him out because it felt like something important was walking away from her and she desperately wanted to make sure it couldn't. She felt like a complete fool trying to stall hm.
In the end her efforts were for naught and he vanished down the hallway. Abby slipped back inside her apartment, feeling somewhat lost. Here was an entire weekend to loaf and relax but relax was the last thing she wanted to do right now. Instead, she decided to see if this business card was legitimate and how long this guy had been in business. Obviously he appeared in her room and obviously he had caught a bullet but that didn't mean she trusted what he said. Yes, and


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I might put point commissions up, don't worry!
TheNeonNinja11 Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
:icongrin--plz: Now,I just need more points than I have xD
Destinyfall Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
TheNeonNinja11 Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
XD Its true ahaha~
TheNeonNinja11 Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Haha okay thanks~ I couldnt see the prices because I'm on my phone xD
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