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Chapter Five

Well, the night was a complete waste. Bethany and Charlie stayed out well past one in the morning and no sigh of the Vigilante, and to Bethany’s glee, no vampires either. They got back in time to collapse for a few hours of sleep before classes, thankfully. Bethany was starting to think that maybe, just maybe if thing kept up like this, she might actually be able to call the whole hunting thing quits and become a normal person.

It wasn’t like she didn’t enjoy it, okay to be honest, she hated it. He father loved it and he raised her to love it but she didn’t love it. She wanted to get a degree in whatever and just worry about normal stuff instead of worrying about vampires and normal stuff. She hoped Loken would be a part of that new direction, too. They seemed to click and she was really excited about seeing him again. Charlie had asked nonstop questions about their meeting and even she had to agree that Loken was obviously interested in her.

This simple, average, human experience made Bethany so happy, happier than she had ever been. It was strange, she thought she would have felt nervous about their next date but instead she just couldn’t wait to see him again.

The next day seemed to drudge on slowly, the seconds going by like minutes and minutes like hours. It was always like that when you wanted the day to rush by, Bethany thought. Charlie, who shared one class with her, looked as if she didn’t have enough time in the day. Her dark brown hair was frazzled and sticking out every way it could from her haphazard bun and her glasses were sliding down her nose.

“Sorry about the late night…” Bethany said under her breath. “Yeah well, no more of those. I’m so late today, so screwed… oh God I think I forgot my Chemistry papers!” Charlie sighed heavily. Bethany cringed and sat back in her seat. “So, you have another date today, huh? I hate you, just saying. Also, hook me up with his father. Seriously, before I become too old and fat to be an intern…” Charlie said very deadpan which made it even funnier.

Bethany had to cover her mouth so she didn’t alert the professor with her stifled laugh. “I’ll see what I can do… I’m sure his dad is into the nerdy slut type.” Bethany teased. “Hot with brains… I’m the whole package.” Charlie said, again very deadpan. “I love you… if I wasn’t so set on dicks, I’d totally do you.” Bethany laughed. “Wouldn’t the professor just die if we started making out right now and like rolled down the stairs?” Charlie said and then snorted. Bethany laughed out loud and then quickly ducked down and pretended she was looking for the culprit. The professor was too busy trying to make a point to realize who had laughed. Bethany hit Charlie in the arm. “Jerk…!”

The rest of the class was boring as the professor had turned his attention to the class and that meant no more fun. Plus there were some people behind them that were getting mad at their antics. Bethany watched the clock slowly turn its hands. By the time the class was over she was nearly asleep. She knew it was early but Loken had been early the day before so, perhaps he would be there early again today, she thought. She took a moment to work her hair into some order and freshen up in one of the bathrooms before heading over to the coffee shop.

It was down the street a bit from the crosswalk so it wasn’t until she was a few feet away that she realized Loken wasn’t there. He wasn’t hard to miss, after all. She checked inside too but there was no sign of him. Disappointed she sat outside at one of the empty tables and waited. And waited and waited. Bethany checked her watch and it was half past the time they were to meet. She finally ordered a coffee and decided she would stay a bit longer. Had he stood her up? He didn’t seem the type. He seemed like a really nice guy.

Maybe something happened at the family meeting, maybe something was wrong? Her mind flew to a million different conclusions until she finished her coffee and left a tip for the waitress. She paid her bill and decided to head back to the dorm and get some rest, maybe lay there and be depressed for a few hours, you know, girl stuff. She was a little surprised at how disappointed she was about this. Maybe he just didn’t feel the click she had? All she knew was that for the first time in her life, she was unhappy and it didn’t have anything to do with the supernatural.

Her new life wasn’t off to a great start. Now all she needed was the vampires to start popping up again. Maybe her father was right… once you were in, there was no way out. Too bad she never had a choice. Bethany made her way across the street and through the courtyard, each step making her a little angrier and little more upset. It just seemed like something was always stopping her, holding her back or getting in her way. It wasn’t fair. By the time she walked through the doorway into her dorm she was pissed.

“Shouldn’t you be dating right now?” Charlie asked looking up from one of her biology books. “He stood me up!” Bethany declared angrily. Charlie slipped off the bed and hugged Bethany tightly. “I’m sorry, B.” She said. Charlie knew how Bethany was, how she never went out or even… well, the things you say when you’ve had a few too many wine coolers. “I should have known better…” Bethany muttered, melting into her friend.  “Screw him, I still think you are cool, B. I love you.” Charlie said and released her.

“I feel like a complete idiot, now. If I see him again, I’m not even going to speak, just punch him right in the face and break that pretty nose of his.” Bethany growled. “That’s the spirit!” Charlie said and smiled. “Wanna do the ice cream thing and stuff on cookies? I’ve been meaning to ruin my diet now for a few days… what better excuse?” Charlie asked. “Nah, you have work to do and thick ass thighs already.” Bethany said and laughed as Charlie struck her several times in succession with her pillow. “Bitch!” Charlie growled and laughed.

“I’m going out… get my mind off of things for awhile. I’ll be back around two so don’t freak out.” Bethany warned. “I doubt you could wake me, I’m pulling an almost all-nighter on my biology paper. I should be completely dead by two.” Charlie said and went back to her paper. Bethany changed clothes and picked up her knife, strapping it to her belt. “You realize if I find out you are a serial killer… I’ll have to lie to the cops, right?” Charlie smiled to herself, not looking up from her paper.

“It’s for protection and not a concealed weapon when visible on my belt.” Bethany said as she grabbed her backpack and headed out. It wasn’t dark yet but she liked to get something to eat and relax a bit before patrolling. She was thinking of forgetting it tonight but she felt like she needed the normalcy of it. She was still upset because she really liked Loken and so she hoped maybe she could find someone to take it out on. If no vampires then maybe she would start on criminals like Vigil did.

It was a little past eight when she started officially patrolling. The sun was down but still lending a little light to the city. Bethany had spent a good part of the late afternoon watching the sun set while sitting atop her favorite building. There were a few times she swore she felt eyes on her, maybe she did have eyes on her, but nothing came of it. Part of her hoped it was Vigil, okay, all of her hoped it was him. She really wanted to talk with him again. The soft wind off the sea was refreshing, lending that familiar wet chill to the air.

Bethany took in a deep breath as she walked the line of the buildings, leaping the shorter distances from one top to another. Listening intently, she heard the sounds of the city but nothing more. She couldn’t help feeling like she was being watched again. She kept moving forward, faster this time but the invisible eyes held her in their grip. The last building Bethany jumped to was a dead end. She couldn’t move forward, only back and back wasn’t an option. As she turned she saw a figure closing in on her and it wasn’t Vigil.

Bethany shrugged her backpack off quickly and pulled the custom sawed off, silver shot, shot gun from it. She raised the barrel at the figure. Hesitation was death in this game so Bethany didn’t wait, she took the shot but the figure darted to one side. It was a female; dark skinned wearing a full body, red, leather suit. She had a whip of all things in her hand and started swinging it around her. Bethany took another shot but the silver buckshot scattered like shimmering stars in the fading light.

The female had deflected them with her whip. Bethany knew this was trouble. This thing, vampire, was well out of her league. “Are you the one killing all the rogues? Are you the Vigilante killing our children?” The female asked in a sultry drawl. “I like to think I help out but I can’t take credit for him.” So, Vigil was killing the vampires too? He was a hunter? The female laughed and stretched her arms over her head like a cat. She wasn’t afraid at all, so much for Bethany’s reputation as a hunter.
Oh boyyyyyyyy XD 

I'm not gunna lie... it gets pretty awesome from here on out XD

(C) Jessica Gaude 2014
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