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November 9, 2010
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I rubbed the side of my face where the silver had burned me. It had been a long time since I had been burned like that. I smiled slightly, finding myself quite the masochist for enjoying the little tussle. I regarded Cassandra for a moment longer before gathering her into my arms and heading toward the stairs. I would let her rest for a bit before waking her, she had been overwhelmed. Of course, having never seen a man's face melt away, I could understand how it might be traumatic. I took her to the fifth floor where I had a special room ready for her.

The Unicorn room. It was decorated in purples and lavenders, designed with a feminine flare in mind obviously. In fact, I had Ailo change the colors in the room as soon as I had returned from my little visit the night before. Just for her. Of course, I had hoped it would have gone better. I did not expect her to try and run away like she did. Though, I suppose I came on a bit strong. Her mind was so open, so obviously projecting her feelings and emotions... I felt I could just... come right out with it.

It was, of course, a horrific mistake. I laid her limp body into the soft plum comforter and rested her head into the overstuffed pillows. She looked so innocently beautiful my breath ceased for a moment. Something from a fairytale. "My sleeping beauty…" I whispered and brushed a stray strand of hair from her lips. They were plump but small, glittering with some sort of gloss she had put on. I pressed my finger to her bottom lip then lifted it to my mouth and tasted it. "Raspberry…" I mused and smiled.

She had tasted of Raspberry when we kissed on the beach. I wondered if she would wake if I kissed her now, just like in the fairytales. I leaned down and kissed her. She did not wake, as I knew she wouldn't. I was no fairytale prince, after all, I was the villain of this story and villains never received the love they so desperately needed. But my story would be different. Raya had broken the rules, perhaps Cassy would too. And with no hero to stop me, I could do what I wished.

I moved my lips from hers to her neck and kissed the soft, fluttering, flesh gently and produced a moan from her lips. She was dreaming, allowing herself the freedom of enjoyment. I licked the salty skin spanning her jugular, the saliva would numb the area for penetration. My mind subtly worked inside of hers, pushed ever so gently to make sure she was not shocked awake. If she were to come to awareness now she would close her mind to me on instinct like the first time I had tried to slip in. Once inside I put her into a deep thrall so she would not wake. What I had to do now was something I could not do while I looked into her eyes.

My hands roamed over her body, the cool slick fabric of her dress pooled and shifted easily with each stroke of my hand. The wanton little whimpers spilling from her lips nearly destroyed my self-control. It was not true desire but a fake dream that she lusted after. But it had been so long since I had made love to a woman, even touched one as I touched her now. The only thing that stopped me from my dishonorable desires was that I wanted her heart more than I wanted her body. I could wait forever to have her body but her heart… that was something I needed now and I doubted she would easily forgive me for taking advantage of her while she slept.

I would not become the rapist people thought me to be. Though, she might not forgive me for what I was about to do anyway. "I am sorry, my love… but without my blood in your veins you will never remember how important you are. I pray that you will forgive me for this…" I whispered against her neck. I lengthened my fangs and punctured the moist, supple flesh. The rush from the first drop was mind numbing, euphoric. I pulled her fully against my body to anchor the riotous emotions flooding my being.

She groaned roughly and grabbed at my shirt. I was being too rough with her, my teeth sunk so deeply my nose was pressed to the back of her neck. Her body was quivering in response to the images I fed into her mind. I wanted to be inside her as she dreamed, as she found pleasure in my feeding. I pushed her dress up, fully intending to throw my honor away. My mind screaming no as my body careened forward to take what it felt was rightfully mine.

I knew I wasn't going to stop. I couldn't. I had waited so long for her…but it was that thought that made me halt the advancement of my hand. Muscles contorted and tightened and veins rose as I used every last ounce of my will to let go of her neck. I took a deep breath, closed my eyes and tried to regain my control. Her dress was pushed to her breasts and her thighs were parted in invitation. She would have accepted me into her, she would have begged for more but when she woke from her daze I would not have been able to look her in the eyes. If I betrayed her trust in such a way, I would end my own life for the crime. She was pale, near death from the blood loss.
Exactly how I wanted her.

I ripped open my wrist with my fingernail and pressed the oozing wound to her mouth. After the first drop touched her tongue Cassandra reached up and took my arm with both hands and clamped her mouth to my wrist. She sucked gently at first then began to draw harder. I stifled the moan that sat at the edge of my tongue, the feeling of her taking me into her body was unlike any other pleasure in the world. It made the flesh tingle and the blood pool in the most sensual regions of the body.

It was time to stop her. She had taken enough for the conversion. I wrapped my free hand around her jaw and pressed my fingers at either side of the joint to loosen the muscles. Her mouth popped open and I removed my wrist. She fought wildly, savagely to get it back. Her body was still hungry for what it had lost. But I knew from experience never to allow a Newborn to convert on a full stomach. I fed calming images and spoke soothingly to her for a moment.

Finally her mindless fighting ceased. I fixed her dress and lifted her legs so I could pull the covers out from under her. She would need to sleep for at least twelve hours for the blood to fully assimilate in her system and remove any trace of her mortality. It would heal and remove illness, remove scars or lacerations, rewire her brain to be able to accommodate its new abilities.

Her eyes would change so that she would see the darkest night as dusk and dusk as mid day. When she was fully converted it would show in her eyes as a glow and iridescent sheen.  She would be stronger that any human man, she would be able to learn at an accelerated rate, any talent she wished would be hers to learn at will. But how to explain all this to a mind that still felt human was another story entirely…

She would fight the changes, fight the inevitable. All humans did at first. Despite knowing their fate, humans always struggled against it. Death, for instance. They were born to die, to be recycled and then born again. But they fight death as if it were possible to sustaining the rotting shell around them. Soon, like Cassandra, they would learn. Their evolution was at hand... and it would be by my hand that they would achieve it.

I pressed a kiss to Cassandra's forehead and lingered for a moment to breath in her sweet scent. She was so helpless right now. I could do anything to her if I wished. However, even though it was thought of me to rape unwilling woman, murder innocent children and defile men's souls, she was perfectly safe. I would never hurt her... I never wanted to hurt anyone...

I felt so tired, so drained from the nights events.

I shifted and rested my head down next to hers on the pillow. The bed was big enough for the both of us, though I only intended for her to be sleeping in it for the time being. She had to adjust and... I still had to make her fall in love with me or at least learn to stand being near me. She would hate me for a long time after she came to realize what I had done to her. But, hate or not, she would need to be near her Master during her first few weeks. This would be the best time to try and win her over.

She needed me now. She would need me to teach her how to hunt, how to see, how to hear, even how to touch again. Everything would be new to her, as if she were reborn. In truth, she was reborn. She was now divine. I hoped by showing her the wonders of our world that she would find it in her heart to forgive me my greatest sin. She shifted slightly in her sleep and rolled to her side, pressing her hand to my chest when she hit it.

I watched her, soundless, motionless. She inched closer, unaware of what she was doing. Sliding her arm up and around my ribs, I moved my arm so she could have access to what she wanted. She cuddled up against me then, pulling herself into the shelter of my body. I felt a strange thump in my chest, a sudden spark of emotion I had forgotten, and smiled. I allowed myself the pleasure of covering her with my arms and holding her close, pressing my nose into her hairs to breath her in.

So many emotions racked my soul; Fulfillment, warmth, calm. I felt at peace with her in my arms. I felt complete. I hardly knew Cassandra, but that would soon change, and I already knew her heart was always was. It was hard to explain loving someone you had never met before... but I knew her, I knew her as well as I knew myself. Each little glimpse into her mind struck one more nail into my heart.

When I drank her into me it was as if I had known her all of her life. Each memory, worry, love, disappointment, realization and achievement was mine to see. She was a lot stronger than she appeared to be, she was a fighter and a honest person. She was loving and devoted. All of these traits where being shadowed by hurt and mistrust though. Because so many people used it against her or took it for granted.

I vowed right then she would be cared for now as she should have been by all the others that hurt her. I pushed myself up gently, so not to disturb her, and slid off the bed. She would need things, speaking of care. She would need clothes and she would likely want her cross back. It was impossible to let her have the silver one but I could get the gold one she had worn the night we met.

I knew from reading her mind it would be important for her to understand she could still wear it. It would make her feel protected and she needed that. This would be a terrifying thing for her to cope with at first. I made sure she was covered well and walked out into the hallway. Ailo was waiting for me there, his expression was irritated as usual. "Master, Don't you think this was a bit on the "rushed" side? She hardly knows you and you have taken her for your bride."

I ignored him, closing the door and making my way down the hall to the stairs. His lips pursed with my disregard and he followed close behind. "Where are you going? Master? She will need you here!" He spat in a panic. "I am aware of that, it is not my first conversion. I am going to her apartment to pick up some clothes." I explained, though, I really hadn't thought I needed to. "Keep watch over her, make sure she is breathing and her lips remain pink. If they change to a blue color, call me instantly. Do you understand?" I asked, taking the first few steps down the stairway.

"I do... but, Master..." He began as he followed. "No buts. If she dies you die." I stated bluntly. Ailo might have been my personal servant but I did not trust him not to think he knew what was best for me. And what he thought was best for me was not falling in love with another troublesome woman. Regrettably, for him, we did not see eye to eye on this and I would not hesitate to make him pay dearly for betraying my orders.

" I understand..." He murmured. "Good. I'll be back in less than thirty minutes. I'll run instead of using the car. Once we reached the bottom level and entered the grand hall, I stopped and turned toward my trust worthy, spineless, servant. "Don't leave her side for a second." I reiterated. "I will not, you have my word." He hesitated then added. "You should feed while you are out... she will be hungry when she wakes." He said. It was a gesture of submission and acceptance.

I smiled and walked down the foyer and out into the night to prepare for my sleeping beauty to awake and greet her new life.
....... I dunno if this helped his cause or made it worse O___o I would not only be furious but... freaked out! what about you???? Can Cassy ever learn to love him, let alone look at him, after this??? STAY TUNED, we find out next week!

All characters and story belong to the Nocturne novel series and Jessica Gaude 2010.
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Katniko Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2011  Hobbyist Artist
I am spellbound by this story is just beautiful M'lady^^
speed-symphony Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2011  Student General Artist
As long as we're discussing reactions here.... mine'd be instant mindbending nuclear-explosion RAGE, but not for turning me. Sure, there's risks, obstacles, and that pesky "You're glued to your vampire elder's side for x amount of time," but you'd have to be blind not to see the possible advantages there too. [long, rambly reason behind this answer, but I'll note if you're curious; I'm not going to put my life's story in comment]

I like how you made it sound creepy as hell, even though the story's told from Mael's POV and is full of his explaining himself.
Destinyfall Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
Yeah, note me XD!

Well... I hate making a stoy predictable... and Mael is still, in my mind, a villain... he does what he wants when he wants and worries about other stuff later.... though he tries to do what HE thinks is right... its not always what others think is right XD So its creepy because he is a vampire... he is not human at all and he plays by his rules... Cassy may not be in any danger persay but he is still not human with no human motives... he still wants to change everyone into a vampire... for thier own good of course... LOL
speed-symphony Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2011  Student General Artist
Mael is gray area to me, for much the same reasons. It all depends on how your brain works, but it comes across well either way.
VampiricWolf21 Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2011
you may disregard my guestion on the previous chapter, it has been answered :)
Destinyfall Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
Tabitha-Ravenshade Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2010
i loved this one! are you going to make a sequel! i hope so. i cant wait to see what happens next

as usual, well written.
Destinyfall Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2010  Professional Digital Artist
Part eleven 1-2, twelve and thirttee are up, actually XD Eleven was a two parter lol
dark-daughter-devil Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2010
wow good story soo far, cant wait for the nxt part
Destinyfall Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2010  Professional Digital Artist
thank you!
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