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“Are you hurt…?” He asked. I could see as lines of tension and anger began to melt away from his face. His blood covered face. I pulled away slightly.

“No… are you?” I asked, licking my lips.

“It is not my blood.” He said gruffly and shifted his gaze to the side. I followed it and then turn back to him. I let my forehead fall and rest on his sternum. The street was a mess of lumps that used to be human beings.

“Rollo… I…” I began but he silenced me by pressing a bloody finger to my lips.

“Later.” He said and pulled away. I looked over to Carter who was still in the truck. There was a pool forming in the seat under him and I felt a sense of urgency. Why wasn’t he healing? Rollo strode over to the passenger side and pulled the door off, tossing it behind him like it was nothing.

“Rollo, please…” I pleaded, wiping frantically at tears now spilling down my cheeks. He snorted in response.

“Vita!” a familiar female voice chimed and I felt arms come around me from behind. I turned in the embrace and hugged Sahna to me.

“Oh God… I am so sorry! I am so sorry, are you all okay?” I asked.

“We are… in fact, if it hadn’t been for the guild attacking, we would have never found you! Did Carter kidnap you?!” Sahna asked with a tinge of anger in her usually sweet voice.

“No! No… I… I ran away. It’s my fault.” I half sobbed.

“You are damn right it’s your fault.” Rollo growled and roughly laid Carter against the hood of the truck.

“Look at him… if he survives these wounds he will be lucky.” Rollo snarled and pulled the bolt from Carter’s stomach. I covered my mouth in horror as blood gushed out.

“Stop it, you are hurting him!” I cried and tried to go to him but Sahna stopped me.

“Vita, no, look at the tip of it. It has to come out!” Sahna said. I wiped my eyes and tried to focus my blurry vision on the tip. It just looked like metal to me.

“The tips are iron and silver coated. Both minerals are deadly to our kind. It slows or halts the healing of our bodies.” Daneel said as she appeared from behind us. She was naked and covered in blood. I couldn’t meet her eyes so I just stared at Carter. He was pale and I also noticed that Kraki and Braki had vanished.

Rollo removed the last bolt from Carter’s leg and tossed it to the ground. Carter wasn’t moving but he was breathing. Rollo carefully picked the other male up into his arms as if he were a child.
“What are you doing…?” I managed, shaking. Sahna hugged me and stroked my hair reassuringly.

“We are going home and hopefully we can save his life.” Rollo bit out as is anger resurfaced. I wanted to pelt him with rocks but I refrained since he had Carter with him.

“It’s your fault this happened, you and your damn father!” I screamed out of pure frustration. Rollo stopped and for a heartbeat I thought he was going to turn on me but instead he started walking again.

Chapter 10

The ride back to the cabana was uncomfortable. Rollo, Carter and I were in the back while Sanha drove and Daneel rode shotgun. Sahna’s car only sat four people, so poor Carter was laid over our laps, gasping.  His wounds were beginning to heal but very slowly. I cradled his head in my lap, ignoring Rollo’s glare. Eventually I succumbed to the events of the evening and zoned out. My mind was a whirlwind of what ifs and plots in case things turned ugly. I was jostled to awareness when the car’s wheels hit the rough gravel path that lead to the cabana. I looked down to Carter and saw that he was still asleep and breathing more evenly. I could feel Rollo watching me but I didn’t spare him a glance. I couldn’t. I didn’t want to see the anger or the truth in his gaze that I had put them all, including myself, in great danger. The car pulled slowly to a stop and I wanted to open the car door and get as far away from Rollo as humanly possible but I couldn’t with Carter on my lap. Sahna and Daneel got out first and went inside the cabana. The silence in the car was uncomfortable so I broke it with a genuine concern.

“Are the Van Dahls okay?” I asked.

“You can speak… amazing.” He replied and settled more comfortably into the seat and stared ahead.

“Don’t act like a child, Rollo.” I muttered under my breath.

“Perhaps I should shoot you and run away, that would be far less childish, wouldn’t?”

“You were planning to force me to be your mate, Rollo!”

“Bullshit! I didn’t force you to do anything. Did I mark you, fuck no I didn’t. You are crazy, a crazy woman!”
I gaped at him and shoved my finger in his face.

“You tried to bite me!” I accused, glaring at him with fire.
This should be good XD 

Thank you for reading and I enjoy your comments!

(c) Jessica Gaude 2017
Umbra-ShadowWeaver08 Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Rollo you thunder jerk of an asshat.  this wouldn't be an issue if you kept it in your pants but nooooo you hounded her from night one. *whaps repeatedly with newspaper* you need disciplining!
Destinyfall Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Professional Digital Artist
LOLLLLLLLL He can't help himself XD
Umbra-ShadowWeaver08 Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
nope he can't *whaps him again* bad Rollo bad
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