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November 13, 2007
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Chapter 18: All hell breaks loose

“You crazy bastard!” Adrian growled as he tumbled away from Doryan. He looked to see Raygen standing safely beside Dmitry. Dmitry smiled and stepped in front of Raygen so she wouldn’t be harmed by the two combatants. “Doryan, you don’t want to start a fight with me.” Adrian said low. At this point the crowd was screaming and circling around the four. “Nor I.” Dmitry said in his semi thick Russian accent. The blond Vampire had apparently sided with his Sire.

Raygen started to stir and wobble; Doryan’s thrall was beginning to wear off and at the worse possible time.  “You aren’t going to ruin your Lord’s wedding now are you? Just back down and lets take this elsewhere…” Adrian said noticing the audience gathering. He knew Mael was probably plowing his way over to them right now to rip them apart. Suddenly a scream distracted them, Raygen was fully awake and freaking out. “Settle yourself miss!” Dmitry said as calmly as possible but it wasn’t easy as Raygen was trying to punch him. “Keep her quiet!” Adrian yelled but it was too late, Paris had heard her.

Mael was making small talk with some of Cassy’s relatives and friends when the screams began. He didn’t have to wonder much what it was from. “Goddamn it… “He hissed then hissed again as his tongue burned. His teeth clenched and so did his fists. “Pardon me, won’t you?” He said to the group he was talking with and started out to where the commotion was coming from.  On his way out he felt some one grab his arm; he stopped and turned to find Father Shale there.

“Father, its not that I don’t want to talk but, if you haven’t noticed, world war three just erupted on my patio… so…” Mael said and started to pull away. If anything Father Shale’s grip tightened. “Oh I think you can spare a minute…Lucifer…you have eternity after all.” Shale said suddenly. Mael looked bemused and amused at the same time. “Pardon?” He asked with disbelief at the Priest’s claim.

“You heard me right, I know who you are and damned if I am going to allow you to start Armageddon with that innocent girl in there!” Father Shale growled. Mael smiled, it was so wicked one might actually believe the Priest’s ramblings as truth. “You really give me too much credit, Father… I am merely a lowly Vampire.” Mael laughed. He tried to move but the Priest got a better grip. Mael looked down at the bold maneuver.

“My patience is wearing thin…” He said in a low growl. The screams outside were becoming louder and more frequent. “How about this!?” Father Shale pulled a shiny crucifix from his jacket and thrust it at Mael. “Oh lovely… I hope the man you bought that from didn’t tell you it was silver.” Mael said nonchalantly. He didn’t seem to be effected by it at all. Father Shale looked at it then back at Mael in confusion. “Is it that I do not have enough faith…?” Shale muttered to himself.

“I am too old to be bothered with this scrap of metal… do I look like a convert to you? If you want it to work on me you better have God himself forge it from the gates of heaven and have Jesus bless it! Now, let go and allow me to go murder my Brother, please.” Mael said, this time he jerk his arm free and walked off. Father Shale watched him go, totally dumbfounded that his cross had not worked. “I’m not done yet…” He muttered and then ran into the crowd toward the battle.

Rampage wasn’t really the right word for what was going on but it was close enough. Paris had seemingly lost control and was in his wolf’s skin. He had taken out several Vampires that had tried to stop him and he was squaring off with Doryan. Mael pushed his way through until he had reached the circle that had opened, allowing them fighting room; honestly he was surprised that the people hadn’t run out screaming by now. “My Lord, he is tearing everything apart! It’s all ruined!!!” Ailo cried appearing behind him.

“I see that…” Was all Mael said. Adrian was circling Paris and Doryan, looking for a way to stop them both. Paul, Maggie and Red had followed Paris when he heard the scream and burst through the crowd. Dmitry was waiting and watching if in case his Sire needed help. In truth, they all needed help.  Paris was lunging back and forth at Doryan and Adrian, he was at least a foot taller now and well… he was a werewolf. His claw swished through the air slicing at Doryan, blood sprayed the crowd as it caught the Vampire’s arm.

Mael stepped out into the circle finally and roared. “WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU ARE DOING!?” Doryan went stock still as did everyone, even Paris. “Ailo, lock the gate, no one is leaving now.” Mael said as the crowd went silent. Ailo did as he was told. “Now, before we have to go through the rigorous task of brainwashing I would like to say this; I am taking my Queen over to that arch and I am going to marry her. And you are all going to watch it and make her happy, do I make myself clear?” He said.

Silence, most of the people weren’t sure if this was some form of entertainment or what but they weren’t about to speak against it just in case. “Doryan… you are going to be punished. I dictate when wars are to be started, not you. And one of you put that dog on a leash if you are going to stay, thank you.” Mael growled. Raygen was already trying to calm Paris down, it wasn’t easy but he seemed happy to see her. Dmitry was standing in the midst of the wolf pack and two human’s, smiling. “Well… very interesting wedding wouldn’t you say?” He asked Maggie.

She looked utterly bemused by his comment. “Now that the cats out of the bag…Dmitry Lifanov, Vampire, you? Human or…?” He asked Maggie, Paul and Red with his hand extended to shake. They all looked at each other then shook his hand one at a time. “Maggie, Human” “Red, Wolf” “Paul, Human…” They sounded off. Dmitry smiled. “Right then… well nice meeting you. The silver haired one is my Sire, you know him correct?” Dmitry asked as if he were simply a normal everyday guy making small talk.

Adrian joined the group after helping Raygen calm Paris down. “It’s like a madhouse here… Some old woman said I put on a good show and told me I had a cute ass…” He said bewildered. “You do.” Ailo said passing by with a mop for the blood stains on the patio. They all tried to ignore the comment. “I think the Lord is forcing the wedding to begin now… perhaps we should take our seats?’ Dmitry said suddenly. Just then a woman’s voice could be heard telling people to take their seats on their corresponding sides.

Dmitry offered his arm to Maggie with a pleasant smile. “I won’t bite.” He said shyly. Adrian nodded. “It’s alright, Maggie. He is a nice kid.” He said, though Dmitry had been turned right at the age of thirty he looked no older than twenty years old. Maggie took his arm reluctantly and the group went to their seats, luckily there were some to spare.  Paris was half naked and everyone there was staring at him as he passed so Raygen made sure to give them all a dirty look. “Are you alright? You could have been killed you big dork!” She scolded as she forced him into a seat.

“I’m going to kill Doryan… I can see him right there near the front… he will never see it coming…” Paris growled. “No you won’t, you will be massacred!” Raygen said in a quiet gasp. The conversation was drowned out by the sudden start of the organ playing the wedding march.  Flower girls, brides maids, ring bearers and so on began the usual journey down the aisle, then Cassy appeared looking rather flustered, being led down the aisle by a man she had called her uncle. In fact they both looked flustered.

Next came Mael being led by Cassy’s Mother; he was not smiling. Father Shale waited under the wedding arch for them with his bible open in his hands. All seemed as if it would finally go according to plan.  “We are gathered here today to witness the joining of Cassy Peterson and Mael Seraph…” Father Shale paused; he lifted one hand to adjust his robe. Mael’s eyes went wide; the old man was damn crafty! Before anyone could even blink, Shale pulled the vile of holy water from his robe and doused Mael and Cassy with it, though he had only meant to hit Mael.

Screaming, the screaming was audible for miles. Jackie ran to Cassy instantly, her expression was pure shock. Cassy’s neck and chest looked as if acid had been sprayed on it and… Mael’s face! He was not making a sound despite half his face was literally melting away. His eyes were like blue fire and they were aimed at Father Shale who was cackling in victory. “Oh my God! What the hell did you do?!” Jackie cried pulling Cassy to her. Cassy was in so much pain she could barely speak.

Just then, as if the crowd hadn’t been shocked enough, Paris lunged and took Doryan down. The leap cleared about fifteen feet. Screams issued from every corner of the seating area. Adrian was trying to push his way through the panicking mob but it was almost impossible. Dmitry was at his side trying to help him get through and so were Raygen and Maggie. “You really know how to crash a wedding…” Dmitry said. “Why do you think I wasn’t invited?” Adrian said with a small chuckle.

To be continued in Chapter 18: All hell breaks loose part two
Late XD! well i am sick so give me a break.... LOL XD This is gunna be good whmahahahahahaha!! Poor Cassy though >.>
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Ambers79 Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2008
Why do I have a feeling this wedding was doomed from the start? It was really funny to read the priest's antics at least until the holy water thing. Poor Cassy
the1cutemetalchick Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2008  Hobbyist General Artist
some hell of a wedding...,:/
Destinyfall Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2008  Professional Digital Artist
LOL i know...
wildfireuntamed Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2007
Always a surprise twist with every chapter.. Amazing work....

Poor Cassie, Oh Mael is going to be so protective.. I hope he can contain himself for Cassie's sake. Hate to have him rip heads off right in front of the human guest and all.

Hope your feeling better soon!
Destinyfall Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2007  Professional Digital Artist
XD mael has no restraint when it comes to his wife XD LOL
KiyaraSabel Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2007
Almost as good as the wedding scene I have planned for my book... only instead of just a bunch of vamps and weres fighting in a private property, it's gonna be a bunch of mythical creatures and wizards fighting out in the open.
Destinyfall Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2007  Professional Digital Artist
haha that should be a good one XD
KiyaraSabel Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2007
Indeed it shall be lots of death and destruction.
Destinyfall Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2007  Professional Digital Artist
Sereda Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2007
Oh that was brilliant I loved it! The action was paced really well and the dialogue was crisp and funny. I particularly liked Ailo's comment about Adrian's ass! :P Can't wait to see what happens next, sounds like it's going to be the wedding from Hell, if it actually goes ahead that is.
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