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Chapter 17: Uninvited guests

The guests were starting to arrive and the flower people had finally come only moments earlier, the wedding was finally under way. Mael watched from his ‘other’ bedroom window; the bedroom he used when Cassy wanted to be alone. Only two people were unloading the flowers, a young girl and a very tall man with long hair. Mael shrugged his black and gold embroidery coat on and fastened the last two buttons of his under shirt up.

He buttoned the coat next and then tied his hair back in a neat ponytail. He didn’t look in the mirror before he left, there was no need. There was chaos down in the foyer, people running in and out and children screaming. Ailo was running after one rambunctious boy with red hair that had taken a priceless vase as a toy.  “No, Stop!” Ailo screamed nearly catching the boy by the little suite tails that fluttered after him. “Ailo, let the boy be, if he breaks it, I will buy another one.” Mael said as he descended the stairs.

“Master, but…” Ailo started but then just watched the boy scamper off. “I am going out to greet the guests and see how much all the flowers are going to cost me…” Mael said with a strange airy smile gracing his lips. He pasted by all the people, he could see Cassy in a corner of the room with the three friends he had seen her with the night they met. They were laughing and talking far to fast for any of them to understand one another. Cassy had a smile from ear to ear and it made his heart feel so light, light enough to float away.

The crowd of people, Vampire and human, mingling together reminded him of the times of his youth when his Father held court and Human, Vampire and Ljusalf all stood in one room and laughed and talked together. He had been the reason that ended and he knew it too well. He stepped outside into the ‘backyard’ where there was a huge cobblestone patio, though patio couldn’t really explain it. It was covered in lovely dark red roses and drapes of silk and so on, the wedding arch was lovely too. Cassy had done a lot of phone work for this.

“And all of my credit cards are melted by now I am sure…” He muttered with a chuckle to himself. Beyond the massive patio lay rolls and rolls of grassy hills that belonged to him. Though the manor was practically in the city, inside you wouldn’t have a clue, the walls that surrounded the manor kept the noise of cars out and the several city blocks he had torn down to make the simulation field, well no one would ever guess they were there once before.

The small girl that was arranging the flowers at the far left of the patio kept staring at the tall dark groom, he wondered if he looked that odd or if she was a reporter. He had been violated by them before and took care of them the only way one could. Just as he was about to go ask how much the damage was a hand rested on his shoulder. “Great Lord, I give you the grandest of congratulations.” A young man said, he had long honey colored hair and eyes and spoke with a Russian accent.

“Dmitry, it has been awhile.” Mael said to the young Vampire. “Not since my gift, my Lord.” Dmitry said with a bright smile. “And that has been… lets see… not long after Napoleon brought six-hundred-thousand men to our land ready to conquer us.” He said. Mael shook his head and laughed. “And you are still only a child in my eyes… You are the only thing my Brother ever did right…” Mael said and continued to walk. Dmitry smiled faintly. “I have not seen him since my creation... Well, good wedding to you, great Lord.” He said and vanished into the house.

The girl was gone now and the man was nowhere to be seen, the guests were starting to flood out onto the patio too. Mael supposed he would get a bill if he didn’t get the chance to talk to them. The crowd was becoming claustrophobic to him so he took the thin walk way that went around the house and moved to the front where more and more people were flooding through his gates. “She better give me one hell of a honeymoon for this…” Mael whispered under his breath.

His eyes drifted over the incoming people then stopped on one figure suddenly. “What in Lucifer’s name…?” He muttered. He started walking; he hadn’t even realized he had. His heart pounding in his chest and his fists where clenched. “What the hell are you doing here?” Mael said, it wasn’t calm but it wasn’t irate. Adrian smiled lightly as his brother came face to face with him. “I am only here to retrieve something. I won’t spoil your… wedding.” Adrian said lifting his chin so his nose didn’t hit Mael’s.  

“What pray tell, do you need to ‘retrieve’?” Mael asked. He shifted his eyes to see two Wolves and two humans he had never seen.  One of the wolves was the one he had fought the night Cassy was in his brother’s clutches. “Give her back, now.”  Paris said sternly. Mael smiled. “If you do not leave right now, I will dispatch you without mercy.” He said gritting his teeth. “We just want to get a friend back, Doryan kidnapped her; she is a Volven. I am sure you have smelled her.” Adrian said.

Mael stepped back and ran a hand over his face. “I haven’t had to time do anything since this thing started! I can’t keep track of everything my converted do! I swear though, if you ruin this wedding and make Cassy cry, I am going to hang you up and drain every singe drop of blood from your body.” He said. “Paris wants Doryan… that’s it. We will leave if you hand him over. I swear on Mother and Father’s immortal souls.” Adrian said, his posture said he wasn’t going to leave and Mael’s threat meant nothing to him.

Mael raised an eyebrow. “You alone can come in and get Doryan. They…” Mael pointed to the other three, “Must stay here, understood?” He commanded. Paris opened his mouth to voice complaint but Adrian raised his hand and spoke first. “Agreed,” He said. Mael gestured for his Brother to follow him. “Call me crazy but… you are making this rather easy, Mael. Am I going to come back and find my friends slaughtered, or perhaps there is a trap waiting for me inside?” Adrian said glancing around the crowd of mixed specie.

“I haven’t the time to set a trap for you or slaughter your friends, Adrian. I have more important things on my mind than revenge.” Mael shot back. “That would be a first…” Adrian muttered. Mael lead him around the back and on to the patio where most of the guests were standing. “Doryan will be in here somewhere… he is with Blood and a pink haired girl. That must be the one you were referring to?” Mael said dryly. He then turned and nailed his Brother with a hard stare. “There is something else here you might find interesting, little Brother. Your illegitimate son, created by your better half, is in the crowd somewhere. You might want to see him.” Mael said coldly and then vanished into the mob of people.

Adrian felt his heart drop into his stomach. “Dmitry…” He uttered softly, time seemed to be in slow motion for a split second. He hadn’t thought of him in year; he was a young soldier who met with a life threatening injury in the harsh elements of the Russian wilderness. Adrian felt pity for him and saved his life with the gift of eternal life. In a way Adrian hoped and dreaded seeing him but, he was already scanning the crowed for him. He saw a flash of pink and started moving toward it, he tried to tune his ears to hear them. There was a fight between three people.

Adrian stopped short when he saw Doryan, Raygen and a man with long blond hair arguing, the long haired man was holding on to Raygen’s wrist and was trying to step between her and Doryan. “Leave her alone, she is marked you fool!” Dmitry said, staring Doryan down. “The mark is nothing I can’t take care of, child. Now step back before I tear you to pieces!” Doryan growled.  Raygen looked dazed as if she were under trance, which she most likely was. “I won’t let you have her, she is mated to someone and you will start a goddamn war if you remove the mark!” Dmitry growled back.

“Actually, guys… she is coming with me.” Adrian said stepping into the picture. Both men turned to look at the fool that interrupted them. Dmitry went totally white, whiter than normal and his mouth fell agape. Doryan looked confused. Adrian reached out and took Raygen by the arm and pulled her to him. “Adrian!” Dmitry cried finally. Doryan now had a look of shock upon hearing the name of the great slayer of Vampires. “Looks like I am a bit of a celebrity around here…” Adrian said with a smirk.  

“Murderer is a more fitting title I think.” Doryan rasped. Raygen was still dizzy and unaware of the bind she was in. “Master… the girl is marked, I was trying to tell this dolt that. If you…” Dmitry started. “I know, I am getting her back for her boyfriend, trust me… if he were here everyone would be dead.” Adrian said smiling at Doryan who knew well the beating the large man could dish out. “I am afraid I can’t let you take her…great slayer. she is mine now.” Doryan said quietly.

“Well… I guess I have no choice but to ignore you and walk away.” Adrian said and then lifted Raygen over his shoulder and started to walk away. Dmitry snickered under his breath at the shocked look on Doryan’s face. “Arrogant half breed freak!” Doryan cried and jumped Adrian from behind. Raygen fell from Adrian’s shoulder as they both tumbled to the ground. Dmitry caught Raygen using his highly developed speed and then sat her down. He could never allow any lady to come to harm, even one that was an enemy.

To be continued in Chapter 18: All hell breaks loose part
OMG i snuck a new character innnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD Surpriseeeee!!! I hope you enjoy!

If you want to know more about this new honey [link]
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