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October 2, 2007
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Chapter 12: Family values

Adrian stormed through the door of his apartment, nearly ripping it from the hinges. “That’s the last time I let you set me up for a date!” He growled and threw the door backward in the face of Haedren, who was close behind. “Hey… I said I was sorry!” Haedren yelled as he caught the door before it smashed into his face. “Adrian, come on!” He followed his friend into the kitchen area. Adrian was pulling his blood stained coat off to try and rinse the stain out under the tap.

Haedren smiled sheepishly when his friend stabbed him with a glare. “Do you know what I could have done tonight? Do you have any idea???” Adrian growled finally as he scrubbed to no avail on the stain. “Listen… how was I supposed to know she liked to cut herself?” Haedren said innocently. “How about the scars up and down her arms?! How about the fact she was weird as hell?!”  Adrian yelled. His hair, once neatly tied back, was now flying around his head in a silvery mess.

“Well you know there aren’t many normal girls that want a Vampire boyfriend, Adrian!” Haedren said in his defense. “Half Vampire and I understand that, but did you have to find one that cut herself? You know I have a hard time controlling myself around blood!” Adrian said then gave up and tossed the coat in the garbage can where all his other coats ended up after a wild night. “Let me say this again; I DON’T WANT A GIRLFRIEND. I told you that I can’t get involved, now stop setting me up!” Despite Adrian’s pretty exterior, his height and voice held a light dominance and Haedren didn’t argue with him when he was actually mad, though it took quite a bit to make him mad.

“Ok… ok man.” Haedren said putting his arms up in the air in defeat. He walked over to the shitty couch of many colors and flopped on it. “So I know this girl named Shirley…” Haedren started and Adrian shook his head and walked into his bedroom. Haedren smiled then looked around for something to read, Adrian normally had a newspaper or magazine that held some interest. “The least you could do, is keep your porn collection out here!” Haedren yelled then picked up a slightly crushed newspaper.

“Its research and no, you are a pervert.” Adrian yelled from the other room. When he came out he was in his black tank top and his hair was down and wet. “See, the blood came out of your hair…” Haedren muttered as he thumbed through the paper. “Yes… where did you get that?” Adrian asked pointing at the paper. “It was crumpled up and shoved under the couch.” Haedren answered then stilled, his face went pale. “Adrian, look! It’s your Brother, he is marrying that girl! M. Seraph… Fuck I can’t believe we missed that name!” Haedren gasped.

Adrian turned away suddenly and slipped into the tiny kitchen. “Check this article out… Business Mogul Weds Plain Jane, M. Seraph, master mind behind Seraph records, is getting married. The location and date of the wedding is being withheld and there is no information about the wife-to-be. A Man known for his hermit-esc life style, M. Seraph has been one of the top most eligible bachelors of the city since he started the label in Jan of 91. This news comes to most of his ‘Fans’ as quite a disappointment…. Fans… Goddamn it… he has been right under our noses all this time.” Haedren said. Adrian was quiet, strangely quiet, when normally he would have been flying over the counter grab the paper from his friend’s hand. “Hello…? Are you still alive or what? Did you see this?” Haedren asked waving the paper in the air. “Yeah, I saw it.” Adrian said softly. “What the hell man? Why didn’t you tell me? Were you planning on busting up his party all by yourself?” Haedren asked astounded. “No, I wasn’t planning on doing anything.” Adrian said then bent down and retrieved a bottle of wine from under the counter.

He sat the bottle on the counter and smiled lightly. “The wedding is tomorrow, I found out where he lives too. That’s where the wedding is going to be.” He continued. Haedren got up and sat at one of the bar stools. “So we are supposed to sit here and get drunk and pretended this isn’t happening, is that it?” He asked. Adrian nodded and then slid the bottle toward Haedren. “Yep.” He said and then handed him a glass. “Fuck the glass man.” Haedren growled, not at all pleased.

“I say we go… I wanna see this unfold.” He said as he ripped the cork from the wine bottle. “No, you will attack them. Cassy loves him, there is no reason we should hurt her to get him… She still has human family and friends that will be at this wedding, if we crash it then all hell will break loose and those people will get hurt.” Adrian reasoned. Haedren couldn’t argue with that and every Vampire in the area if not the world would be there. “Man if only we had a nuke… BOOM! Get them all in one shot!” Haedren laughed then took a swig of wine.

Meanwhile a lovely young girl smiled as she fixed bouquet after bouquet of dark red roses. She had personally tied every bow and arranged every flower on over fifty arrangements. “Niki, come look!” She called as she tied the last bow. She giggled when her husband’s arms wrapped around her from behind. “Amazing… your talent never ceases to amaze me, my love.” Nikolas whispered against her cheek. “Oh you flatterer…” Gabrielle laughed and bent her head to kiss him. Even after a million years he could still give her Goosebumps.

“Oh Niki, I have high hopes for this… I would bet my soul on it.” She whispered rolling her eyes over the vast sea of roses before her. She felt a shifting behind her and turned to see that Nikolas had reverted back to his normal form. Holding his human form was highly strenuous and by the end of a long work day, he would have to revert back to his fallen state. He hated to look so ugly in her eyes with his long horns, red eyes and six wings. He lowered his head; he always did when he finally gave in and changed.

“I am sorry...” Nikolas whispered. Gabrielle shook her head and slapped him on the arm. “Nikolas… I told you that you are just as handsome to me like this, so don’t you go acting this way again…. Is this about the nice boy that came in earlier today?” She asked in a stern tone. Nikolas shifted his eyes away. “Oh you must stop being this way, Nikolas. He thought I was his own age and therefore thought he should try to act ‘cool’ I couldn’t just be mean, all I did was smile at him.” Gabriele assured her devilish giant.

“I know…” Nikolas said trying not to knock anything over with his wings, he had gotten pretty good at controlling them over the past billion years or so he had been alive but now and then he had a few accidents. Gabrielle cupped his face in her hands; luckily he was already hunched over trying to fit in the small room.  She kissed him softly and then more passionately, so he knew for sure that he was the only one she cared about. “Now…” She pulled away with a wicked grin. “Get out of here before you knock something over with another body part.” She giggled.

Nikolas instantly blushed; his mind wasn’t nearly as wicked as hers was. Though it seemed that he was as old as time, he still held an unmistakable innocence, the innocence that only an Angel could have. A smile drew his beautiful lips up ear to ear. “It is not my wrong that you make my soul weak and my body weaker, you are the temptress that drives my flesh to ponder on its own.”  He said in his beautiful and eloquent way. “Oh you seem inspired tonight, Nikolas…” Gabrielle laughed and hugged him.

“You that inspired the heavens to come to you, how could you not inspire a demon to swoon?” Nikolas said. Gabrielle felt a chill run up her arms at his words; it was still so easy for him to make her quiver with his voice alone. “Oh Nikolas… you will always be an Angel to me, as beautiful now as when God breathed life into you.” She stated and kissed him again. “Mom are you… oh God not again… Can’t you guys stop that?” A voice said from behind them. Gabrielle ducked under Nikolas’ arm to see who it was.

“Vahn… No we cannot stop this, its love. What did you want, dear?” Gabrielle asked sweetly. “I wasn’t sure where you wanted the bouquets. Why are you and Dad taking the flowers, normally you have me and Brady do it.” Vahn said. Gabrielle slipped passed Nikolas and pushed Vahn into the next room where they all would have more room to talk. “Well… you know how I told you that I and your Father could not have children of our own anymore?” Gabrielle started.

Vahn nodded. He and his hundreds of brothers and sisters owed Gabrielle and Nikolas their lives. They all gladly called them Mother and Father and they accepted who and what they were, even Nikolas with his rather freakish form. “We have two Sons… birth Sons. One of them is getting married and that is what all these flowers are for. Nikolas and I were not invited personally… so we are… sneaking in.” Gabrielle giggled. Vahn quirked his brow and looked to Nikolas who was the more rational of the two.

“…You are sneaking into your son’s wedding…” Vahn repeated. Nikolas averted his eyes and grinned stupidly. “It’s… not quite as odd as it sounds. Ok well, it’s worse but…” He said. Vahn shook his head; he was a handsome young man of seventeen or so with dark black hair and Asian features. “Whatever… I know better than to ask…” He said and shrugged. Gabrielle hugged him and gave him a big kiss, though she looked no older that eighteen, all the children, ranging from ten to eighty, called her Mom and said though she looked young she seemed old…

To be continued in Chapter 13:  More than words
XD I had a lot of fun writing this one XD I am sure you can tell lol Adrian and Haedren are some of my fav characters to write about and so are Gabrielle and Nikolas XD
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wildfireuntamed Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2007
Ah you never cease to amaze me... wyld bows gracefully... thank you.. for every chapter.. thank you.

oh and Seedy Deedee..LOL "Undead bonking" LOL>>>now thats funny~ Not exactly how i would describe it ~more like delicious
Destinyfall Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2007  Professional Digital Artist
LOL thank you XD! *hugs* i love you for commenting!
wildfireuntamed Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2007
Its the least i can do for filling my mind with these delicious stories..
DarkAngel-001 Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2007
Nicci is just as handsome, if not, more damn sexy in his fallen form!! >w<
Destinyfall Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2007  Professional Digital Artist
thanks right XD
3D-Fantasy-Art Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2007  Professional Digital Artist
:D GOod to know what everyone else has been getting up to :D Looking foward to seeing what happens next :D
Destinyfall Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2007  Professional Digital Artist
The next two chapters are nothing but a lead up to sex and more sex so... LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Discovery channel has a new show XD!
KiyaraSabel Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2007
ORLY? *ish a Discovery channel whore*
Destinyfall Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2007  Professional Digital Artist
KiyaraSabel Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2007
What show ish thish you shpeak of? (yesh I am intentionally shlurring my typing)
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